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Handbooks and Reference Guides

This page are ment to hold all kind of references and link to handbooks or guide's


A ScrumUP project is just as a RUP project built up from four distinct phases...

(One website that have some idea's for howto document are this [http://www.scrumup.com/reference/])



Documentation: gitref.org
Software     : git-scm.com
Intro        : Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub

Resources about servlet containers

  * Jakarta Tomcat 7.0 Docs
  * James Goodwill column on Installing and using Tomcat
  * Quick Guide to Installing Tomcat on Windows
  * Tomcat IIS HowTo
  * IBM WebSphere Application Server
  * Jetty

Resources about J2EE servers

  * JBoss
  * JOnAS
  * IBM WebSphere

Resources about XML/XSLT

  * Processing XML with Java by Elliotte Rusty Harold
  * Xerces2 Java XML Parser
  * XSLT Tutorial
  * XSLT Reference
  * W3C Extensible Stylesheet Language Family
  * W3C XSL Transformations
  * XSL Concepts and Practical Use
  * XSL & XPath Tutorial from TopXML
  * JiBX: XML to Java binding framework

Resources about HTML/JavaScript

  * W3 Schools Web Development Tutorials
  * The CSS Know-How Site
  * Scriptable Objects Reference (XUL Planet)
  * Transitioning from Proprietary DOMs and Markup to W3C Standards
  * Mozilla Rhino Shell
  * JavaScript DOM API Reference
  * Microsoft HTML and DHTML Reference
  * Web Color Reference
  * ActiveWidgets Grid
  * FCKEditor Wiki

Resources about databases

  * Oracle 10g
  * Oracle on Linux FAQ
  * PostgreSQL
  * PostgreSQL Installation Guide (edited by Thomas Lockhart)
  * Microsoft SQL Server Books Online
  * MSDN Design, deploy, and manage big data solutions