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The AccountIT system will provide opportunity for two distinct services: The primary: Focused on providing small and medium size enterprises ("SME") with an an accounting system that has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to use for clerical staff recording book-keeping activities; like "accounts payable" (paying invoices) or "accounts receivable" (receiving money for provided goods and services).
  • Easy for management to view the financial status; like "cash accounts", "outstanding bills" and "outstanding payments".
  • Easy for accounts to update books in connection with periodic accounts maintenance.
  • Easy for auditors to audit books and system activities ("who's done what and when")

The secondary: Focused on mining the "Big Data" that a "Cloud" solution brings. Following are some possible opportunities, but these are just "of the head". Elaborate research and market analysis is required to actual identify true opportunities:

  • Advertising - data mining to identify market trends within the different business segments using AccountIT for accountancy purpose
  • Business planning - data mining to identify opportunities for optimization within the single businesses using AccountIT for accountancy.
  • Statistics - data mining to collect statistics that can be "sold as a service". Anyone with an interest in statistical data of businesses based on accountancy data.

Besides providing the customers (the "SME") with an "easy to use" system, AccountIT must also fit with the "Enterprise Vision" of "easy to maintain" for us in the "Enterprise system portfolio". That means that the technology choices must adhere to enterprise technology, and share data store with the "Enterprise data stores" where it makes sense.