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The wiki provides documentation for both the product (i.e. "the requirements") as well as the work processes required to develop, deploy, operate and support the systems.

System requirements

The requirements are based TOGAF, with the overall vision described under Enterprise, while the product for customers is described under AccountIT. The requirements for the support systems is described under Internal, and finally the requirements for the platform that is to support both the customer product as well as the support systems is described under Platform


Process description

The different processes are divided into sections. Each covering its part of the life cycle for the systems. Development processes covers the development tasks till the point the software is ready for launch (i.e. ready for customers to use). Operation processes covers the deployment of the software, monitoring the systems and handling events (such as "out of disc space"). Support processes covers the processes required for supporting the business by handling "service requests" as well as billing customers.

What ToDo